If you have not heard of “Hit to the Strip” yet you are missing out on some really good streamer fishing mojo. HiptotheStrip.com (HTTS) is a fly fishing blog centered on streamer fishing for the fish of a lifetime, whether that be a trout, bass, musky, etc. It is a blog that featured articles from featured contributors, such as Kelly Galloup, but also posts member submissions. There are some really good articles on there already, and I’m sure that it will only continue to grow and progress in the future. Not only is it a blog that offers articles, it also has a forum, gallery, and member section.  I have signed up as a member (don’t worry it is free), and have been following along with some of the great insight and information on streamer fishing. If you are a streamer junkie, or are considering adding streamer fishing to your arsenal, HTTS is something you will want to be a part of. Last week I took the time to write a member submission for HTTS that was posted on Saturday April 4th. Use the Link below to check it out!

Home Run Hitters – Written by Kyle Winey

Penns Blue Rock

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