Gear Review: Tacky Fly Box

Tacky Fly Box
Tacky Fly Fishing “The Original” , a must have fly box for every angler.


Tacky Fly Fishing is buzzing throughout the fly fishing scene with the introduction of their fly boxes. But really, what is all the buzz about? Every year there are new fly fishing products on the market, most of which are pretty much existing products with minor changes. At first glance, you might think the Tacky Fly Box is just like every other slit fly box. You would so far wrong. The introduction of the Tacky Fly Box is a must have product to be very excited about. After all, fly boxes are used to store flies, the most important part of actually catching a fish. Wouldn’t that make the fly box one of the most important parts of fly fishing? The crew at Tacky Fly Fishing thought so and anglers everywhere are agreeing. Through innovative design, the Tacky Fly Box has capitalized on the flaws of existing fly boxes.

The Tacky Fly Box is bullet proof in terms of durability. Traditionally fly boxes of the “slit” design have been built with foam. The foam stretches and tears relatively easily, especially over time. The Tacky Fly Box was built with a slit-silicone insert, which holds flies in place very tight  and does not stretch or tear the way foam does. Not only does the slit-silicone insert make it the most durable slit fly box in the market, the signature blue color has a low contrast that is beautiful. Combine a slit-silicone insert with a polycarbonate exterior and this box is made to take a beating every day on the water. You would think that this level of durability would create a heavier product. You would again be wrong. Tacky Fly Fishing was able to achieve the highest level of durability in a slim design that is still very light weight (5.4 ounces).

Another innovative feature of the Tacky Fly Box is the off-set slit design. Each row is slightly off-set from the previous row. If the rows of a slit insert are not staggered, they will not truly hold as many flies because they get in the way of one another. The Tacky Fly Box will truly hold 168 flies with ease. Due to ample room height wise (3/4″), the Tacky Fly Box will hold both dries and nymphs comfortably.

I am writing this review and praising the Tacky Fly Box for no other reason than it is the best fly box I have ever used (but really what other reason do I need?). It is a proven, must have fly box for fly fisherman everywhere. Having grown tired of being bogged down by all of the new editions of already existing products, it is refreshing to see a new product that is innovative and unique. The Tacky Fly Box was easily my best fly fishing purchase of 2015. I plan on replacing all of my fly boxes with Tacky Fly Boxes in the future. It will be very exciting to see what is next from Tacky Fly Fishing. In the meantime, do yourself a favor and get your hands on a Tacky Fly Box.

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