Pennsylvania Trout Fishing Report: August

Date: August 10th 2015

Water Conditions: Flows have settled down and become normal for this time of year on the streams through out the area. Low clear water now presents normal summer time technical challenges in terms of approach, visibility, and presentation. Cool air temperatures have kept water temperatures prime for this time of year despite low water.

Recommended Flies:  Trico Size 22-24, Paraleptophlebia Size 18-20, Tan Caddis Size 16-18, Pheasant Tail Soft Hackles Size 16-20, Walt’s Worm Size 14-18, Green Weenies Size 12-14, Ants Size 12-20, Japanese Beetles Size 14, Zebra Midge Size 18-22, Pink Eye Size 18-20, RTV Nymph Size 18-20, Isonychia Size 10-12,

Fishing Report:

After a July full of rain and high water in most of the areas in the state, summer fishing conditions are finally here. The fishing conditions have become more technical on most streams as the water continues to become low and clear. I’m able to see the bottom on some of the deeper pools in the stretches that frequently are not visible.  The good news is that the “summer line up” of bugs have settled in as well. The past week Trico’s have been very good on the streams that I fish regularly. As is tradition, catching fish on 6x tippet with size 22 flies present challenges that can be frustrating but equally rewarding. Sight fishing has become a major player in the game as of recent. Terrestrials have also been a staple in the fly box. Ants continue to work well, however, Japanese beetles are prevalent in the area and fish are eating them very well. They are not as heavy on the bushes as I have seen in the past, but as of recent they seem to be making their way into the water frequently. A little extra water from rain would not hurt, but I have been enjoying approaching the water much slower while sight fishing with smaller flies. If you enjoy sight fishing, terrestrials, or Tricos, get out on the water. The fishing has been more technical, but still very good. Enjoy!

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