Pennsylvania Trout Fishing Report: September

Date: September 29th, 2015

Water Conditions: Over the last several weeks flows dwindled as low and clear as they have been all year. Crisp, cool fall air temperatures have kept water temperatures down despite low flows. The rain continuing overnight should leave most streams in the area full of water.

Recommended Flies: Tan Caddis Size 14-18, Soft Hackles (tan, olive, pheasant tail, peacock) Size 16-20, Walt’s Worm Size 14-18, Zebra Midge Size 18-20, Pink Eye Size 18-20, RTV Nymph Size 14-18, Isonychia Size 10-12, Parachute Adams Size 10-16, San Juan Worms Size 16-18, Eggs Size 14-18, Streamers (Slumpbusters, Sculpins, Woolly Buggers,etc.) Size 6-10

Fishing Report:

After a very dry September in most of the areas in the state, the fishing conditions have been as technical as I’ve seen in 2015. I’m able to see the bottom on some of the deeper pools in the stretches that frequently are not visible. The effectiveness of terrestrials has been dwindling as expected, although ants are still fooling the occasional fish. Fishing dry-dropper, or eliminating the strike indicator while nymphing has been key to not spooking fish. The visual aspect of sight fishing is in full force. Not only is spotting and targeting fish possible, I have been doing well by watching flies drifting and watching fish to see them eat. Wearing dark colored clothing, as well as taking the time to approach the fish very slowly helps to improve catch rates. Despite extremely low and clear water, the cool air temperatures have helped keep the fish happy and eating well (if fished to the right way). On the streams in my local area, the leaves are shifting to fall colors and so are some of the trout. The next couple weeks are some of the most scenic times of the year to be on the water. A much needed spell of rain today that is expected to continue over night should provide relief from low, clear water. In other words, the fishing in the near future should be real good. The results of this rain system rolling through could turn on the fall streamer bite. So all you big meat slingin’ 7wt lovin’ streamer junky’s looking for big nasty browns should be kept awake tonight with anticipation. Fall trout fishing is one of my favorite times to be on the water with fall foliage, fall trout colors, and the possibility of enticing a big brown on a large offering. Get out there and enjoy it!


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