Pennsylvania Trout Fishing Report: December

Date: December 10th, 2015

Water Conditions: After a back to back days of much needed soaking rain last week, flows in all streams in the area are as good as they have been all far. Last week streams were still a bit on the high side, but by now they have settled down to remain in great shape.

Recommended Flies: Frenchies Size 14-18, Walt’s Worm Size 14-18, Zebra Midge Size 18-20, Pink Eye Size 18-20, RTV Nymph Size 14-18, Eggs Size 14-18, Pats Rubber Legs Stonefly Nymph Size 6-8, Streamers (Slumpbusters, Sculpins, Woolly Buggers,etc.) Size 2-10

Fishing Report:

The fish are still in the spawn funk, and may not be back to the normal holding lies where they can typically be found. This is normal for this time of year, but due to all the previous low water this fall the spawning season seemed to be a bit odd on the streams that I fish. I strongly encourage anglers not to disturb and pester the fish that are on redds. With the rain last week the fishing was very good, and has remained consistent through this week. I had a couple of the best days I’ve had in awhile in the last week due to the extra water and eager fish. I was catching fish more so in the “winter water”, or slower deep sections of riffles. My three best flies over the past week were egg patterns, Pat’s Rubber Legs Stonefly Nymphs, and Frenchies with orange hot spots. The post spawn streamer bite should be here or right around the corner. Slinging streamers is probably the best way to cover water in search of large browns, however, I felt the need to get back into the groove of nymphing over the last week. As day time air temperatures continue to be unusually warm for December and flows remain in good shape, the fishing for the next couple weeks should continue to be good. Get out there and take advantage of the nice weather before the true winter weather conditions set in!


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