Spring Olives On Spruce Creek: Fly Fishing & Tying Workshop

Dave McMullen and Kevin Compton have come together to host a fly fishing and fly tying workshop March 18-20 of 2016 in the historic fly fishing town of Spruce Creek, Pennsylvania. Anglers that participate will be given the opportunity to receive on-stream instruction on the private waters of Spruce Creek and receive tying instruction while at the fly tying bench.

Spruce Creek is a world class destination trout fishery that has hosted anglers such as George Harvey, Joe Humphreys, Charlie Meck, Doug Swisher, Ernie Schwiebert, and many others. Dave McMullen is a name that I include in this list of renown anglers. As a fly fishing guide who was hired by Dave, I can provide personal testimony to his angling expertise and entertaining demeanor. Over the years, one of the most valuable lessons I have learned from Dave was how to develop a mindset that allows an angler to continue learning while enjoying the beautiful sport of fly fishing. I’m very fortunate to have had a mentor like Dave, every trip to the water with Dave presents the opportunity to learn something new.

Since Kevin Compton of Performance Flies relocated his shop to Spruce Creek, I have had the opportunity to witness Kevin’s expertise at the fly tying bench in action. Several of Kevin’s patterns such as Compton’s Cinnamon Toast Baetis Nymph have earned their place in my boxes. In addition, Performance Flies offers specialty items that cannot be found in just any fly shop, such as Hanak Competition Fly Hooks, Jack Mickievicz Custom Fly Tying Materials, C&F Design Fly Tying Tools, Sybai Dubbings, Giorgio Benecchi Threads, and much more.

Spring Olives on Spruce Creek is titled as a fly fishing and fly tying workshop. I do not really think that the word “workshop” does justice to the high quality instruction being offered that will be equally educational and enjoyable. If you combine the waters of Spruce Creek, materials of Performance Flies, and educational resources such as Dave and Kevin, the only part of the equation that is missing, is you.

For more information on the event click to view the brochure: Spring-Olives-On-Spruce-Creek.pdf


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