Gear Review: Simms G3 Guide Boot

The last 3 models of wading boots that I have worn have all been the Simms G3 Guide Boot. Why? Well just like drinking Busch Light, when you find the best you stick with it (okay, maybe the Busch Light is just me). If you have noticed, or you will very soon, I write gear reviews after I’ve had the privilege of beating the piss out of a piece of gear (tried and tested we’ll call it). I’m hard on gear, as most serious guides and are anglers will be. I like to write about pieces of gear that I can fish hard for a year or two, and still feel that same satisfaction I had when taken out of the box the first time.

The Simms G3 Guide Boot fits that description quite well. The boots pictured above have logged well over 400 days during the last 2 years, and I am just as happy with them now as I was the day I bought them. The waterproof nubuck leather and TPU-coated textile upper are relatively lightweight, comfortable, and very durable. Traditional leather boots had a habit of shrinking as they dried, which makes them tough to put on. The waterproof nubuck leather used in the Simms G3 Guide Boot will not do so as much, which is great. Although I try to keep my boots wet at all times as much as possible. After 400 days of wear the Simms “Rivertread” is still ample for most situations, although screwing in some studs made a major difference.

The Simms G3 Guide Boot has done absolutely everything I had asked of it. Successfully logging over 400 days is more than enough to make me happy. Not to mention, these boots are still in good enough shape that I plan to continue wearing them to see just how long they last. I am on my third pair of laces, which could be my only complaint. Although, It seems to matter what, every pair of wading of boots I have ever worn laces do not last.

I strongly recommend the Simms G3 Guide Boot to anyone from beginning anglers to serious guides. Dependable gear that passes the test of time is worth every penny, and the Simms G3 Guide Boot is more than worth the price.


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