Erie Steelhead Alley: Road Trip 2

Last week marked the 2nd annual road trip to Erie for some steelhead fishing with Walt Young. Heading to steelhead alley the week after deer season has sort of become a tradition. We were fortunate to be able to meet up to fish with Joe and Royce, our fellow guides and friends. I no longer try to base trips to Erie on timing perfect conditions, I simply try to make the trip up whenever possible.

Over the years I have fallen in love with steelhead fishing in the Erie tributaries. I enjoy spending time away in Erie just as much as I do the steelhead fishing. I make it a point to eat at certain restaurants each time, such as the Avonia Tavern and the Oasis Pub. I also make it a point to visit Poor Richards and Follys End. And of course, no trip to Erie would be complete without a quick trip around the Presque Isle State Park.

Last week the water was low and there were very few fish around. Fortunately it rained and was overcast several of the days so the fish that are hanging around were slightly easier to catch. I was able to catch enough fish to meet my expectations. In addition to a couple nice steelhead, I was able to catch a few browns which always seems a little special.

I was also up to Erie for some steelhead fishing several weeks ago with my friend Joel. It was a similar story as this weeks trip. Low clear water, few fish around, but good times with good friends made the trip more than worth it. I’m not the type of angler that I need to catch a fish every cast in order to justify a good trip, I was more than happy catching a half dozen fish each day.

Although, there is absolutely no secret that Erie needs rain and lacks strong runs of fish currently. Keep your fingers crossed, hopefully a large rain event pushes a fresh load of fish up. I’m also hoping that winter weather remains mild, which will give the chance to get back up again before the seasons over. Until then, I’ll have to sit here and stare at these pictures to keep the edge off.


Walt doesn’t always fish for steelhead, but when he does he walks on water…

Joe getting rigged up for another day of fishing.

Joel enjoying a bent rod.

Joel admiring a nice fish that was properly tucked in the net.
Joel admiring a nice steelhead that was properly tucked away in the net.

I am all smiles with the nicest steelhead of the trip.


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