Fly Fishing: The Never-Ending Game

You know the saying, the battle was won but the war is not over?

To me, that is exactly how fly fishing is. A good day on the water was a battle won, and bad day on the water was a battle lost, but the war still rages on. In fact, this war is never ending. To me, fly fishing is a competition against the fish and waters they live in that can never be won or completely mastered, thus a never-ending game. Although, that’s sort of the whole point.

Fly fishing is so dynamic that each and every day is different, although days may be similar no two are ever truly the same. Fly fishing is a game that sometimes the more you learn, the less you feel you know. There will always be more to learn, problems to solve, and battles to win or lose. To me, that is why fly fishing has completely captivated my life.

Fly fishing is the only game that will never truly get old, because it will never stay exactly the same. Each day when we make progress as an angler, the fish and the water they live in also make progress. Meaning, as we learn more about catching trout and the water they live in, conditions change that present new situations that offer new problems to solve.

Fly fishing is a game that requires every bit of your attention, which causes anglers to become completely engaged in the task while spending the day on the water. Fly fishing has a way of captivating anglers to spend vast amounts of time off the water plotting the next fly to tie, the next place to fish, and the next fish to catch.

This never-ending game of fly fishing is a journey where the destination is the journey. The best part is, fly fishing is not a journey that is ventured alone. I will forever be incredibly thankful for the places fly fishing has taken me, and the friends met along the way.

So yeah, this is why I don’t golf. I’m completely wrapped up in the never-ending game of fly fishing, are you?


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