Featured Fly: Compton’s Cinnamon Toast Baetis Nymph

This photograph and the materials for the Cinnamon Toast Baetis can be found at PerformanceFlies.com.

Material List:

Hook: HANAK Nymph Hook H260BL #16.
Thread: FLY DK 80 Brown.
Bead: Copper Tungsten 2.5mm.
Tails: Golden Olive Coq de Leon Fibers.
Ribbing: XFine Copper Wire.
Body: Brown-Olive Condor Substitute.
Thorax: Jan Siman Peacock Dubbing- Peacock Bronze.

*Pictured is Hanak 230BL. HANAK manufactures a wide range of hooks that fit this fly pattern. For small sizes, I highly recommend the 260BL.

As per usual, there are never ending lessons to be learned about fly fishing that stem around resources from the small town of Spruce Creek, Pennsylvania. The newest addition to these resources is Kevin Compton of Performance Flies. I am thrilled to have such a great selection of fly tying materials from a great shop so close to “home”. Having become good friends with Kevin, we bounce a lot of ideas and patterns off each other. It’s always amazing how much can be learned from other anglers through conversing and exchanging thoughts, which is a great reason to stop by his shop. I’m always interested in discussing fly patterns with other tyers. An experienced angler knows that the thoughts around the design of the fly are just as valuable as the material list alone.

The Condor Substitute is easy to tie with and creates a segmented, thin profile that still incorporates gills. The Cinnamon Toast Baetis is a simple, effective fly that is also very durable. Due to a thin, sparse profile this fly will quickly sink towards the bottom even in fast, deep water. This fly has become a standby in my box, and I have confidence that this pattern will successfully fool trout in any situation where baetis are a factor.

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