New Product Spotlight: Orvis Super Strong Plus Tippet

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I’m sure I’m not the only one that is excited about Orvis releasing the new Super Strong Plus Tippet, the new and improved formula of the original Super Strong Tippet.

Although I was not blatantly unhappy with the original Super Strong, there were areas that I felt needed improved. One of those was tippet kinking as knots were tightened or slid together. Another huge con of the original Super Strong was how tangled it would become on damp, rainy days. Overall, most days there issues were minimal, but I’m hoping both of these problems will be eliminated with the introduction of Super Strong Plus.

I always felt that there were no issues in knot strength with the original Super Strong, so I imagine that the improved knot strength in Super Strong Plus will be capable of towing around a small car. Orvis states that the improved knot strength does not sacrifice performance by reducing suppleness and elasticity.

At first glance, it seems as though the Super Strong Plus knots together smoother than the original formula. Super Strong Plus also appears to be more abrasive resistant and visibly stronger than before. I’m impressed thus far, but the only way to draw real conclusions is after extensive testing while fishing. Get your hands on the new Super Strong Plus, as it is now available for purchase. Look for a complete gear review after I have a few months with it on the water.

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