New Product Spotlight: Orvis Hydros SL Fly Reel

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Orvis introduces a new reel, the Hydros SL, to the 2016 lineup that at first glance seems very impressive for the price point. I know that looks are not everything, however, the aesthetics of this reel are worth drooling over.

Orvis states that the Hydros SL is a “superlarge arbor reel that increases line retrieval rates up to 12%”. While that sounds impressive, the thing that I am most intrigued by is the “3x stronger drag system” labeled to have zero startup inertia.

Zero startup inertia means that the reel’s drag will release line at the same speed while starting as it does while releasing line turning at full speed. This feature is particularly important for those anglers that fish very light tippets. Startup inertia is a major criteria for how I judge reels. The Orvis Hydros SL would be of incredible value if it offers zero start up inertia with a strong drag at such a low price point, relatively.

The Orvis Hydros SL is “reely” worth considering for your arsenal, especially for the more price conscious anglers.

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