Featured Fly: Pink Eye Nymph


Pink Eye Material List:

Hook:  Hanak 260BL Size 16
Bead:  Black Tungsten 5/64 (2mm)
Thread: Giorgio Bennecchi White 12/0 (70 denier polyester)
Tail: Coq de Leon
Body: Jan Siman Synthetic Peacock Eye Dubbing
Hotspot: Hareline Ice Dubbing UV Pink

The Pink Eye is a product of Spring Creek located near State College, Pennsylvania. One particular winter a few years back, I was fishing on Spring Creek frequently in January. In the winter when the metabolism of the fish slow down, bright/flashy flies sometimes prompt an eat when others will not. There was a day I was catching fish,but it was not as productive as I felt it should be. As with most outings when I felt as though my fly selection was not quite right, I reverted back to the tying bench. I came back the next week with the prototype of the Pink Eye in size 18. I had a great day and nearly every fish I caught fell victim to my new variation. Although, I will admit usually you catch the most fish on the fly that is on your line the most often. Not wanting to jump to conclusions, I spent the next year fishing the Pink Eye on different streams, and in different scenarios. This fly became a staple in my competitive fly box, as I felt it was slightly different than the mass of flies that fish in competitions see. There are two things that I have found to be very important to the design of the Pink Eye. I always tie this fly with a black bead. Other colors will still work, but I feel that the black bead is key for balancing the correct amount of flash and contrast. I also only tie this fly with white thread. I felt that the hotspot of this fly looks the best tied on with white thread. Of course these are changes that can be made to meet the specific needs of your particular watershed. Tight wraps.


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