Gear Review: Orvis Helios 2 – 10ft 7wt


The Orvis Helios 2 is a fly rod sought after by many anglers for many different types of fishing, and for good reason. In my own personal quiver, the Orvis Helios 2 10ft 7wt holds the spot as an indicator steelhead fly rod.

One improvement gained over the original Helios is that the Helios 2 is built 20% stronger. When fishing for steelhead, or other fish worthy of a heavy line weight, having a rod that can withstand a serious fight is vital to success. The Orvis Helios 2 10ft 7wt is built to take such abuse, all while only weighing 3 and 3/8 ounces. The combination of strength and lightweight design make fishing with this rod all day very comfortable for anglers. While on the steelhead grind, having a rod that can easily be fished all day without fatigue is a luxury.

The power and line speed offered from the fast action of the Tip Flex Helios 2 makes casting large flies, big indicators, and heavy rigs an easier task. Hence, the Orvis Helios 2 10ft 7wt is a perfect choice as an indicator rod for steelhead. The extra foot in length on the 10ft model allows for easier line control while drifting indicator rigs. Most of my steelhead fishing consists of nymphing with indicator rigs, and I would not want to do so without the reach of a 10ft rod.

I think that a 7wt rod is a great all around choice for steelhead in most situations. The Orvis Helios 2 10ft 7wt has enough finesse to fish lighter tippet when smaller water is low, but it also has enough backbone to fight energetic fish on larger rivers as well.

If swinging flies, or fishing streamers is your main squeeze, I would recommend considering a 9ft fly rod. If you want an indicator rod to nymph for steelhead, the Orvis Helios 2 10ft 7wt is a great option.


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For more information on the Orvis Helios 2 10ft 7wt, click HERE


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