Pennsylvania Trout Fishing Report: March


Date: March 15, 2016

Water Conditions: Due to consistent warmer weather, the water temperatures are warming up which woke the fish up from their winter slumber. For most of March, the flows have been below average for this time of year which made wading more manageable. Rain over the weekend jacked the water up beyond fishable conditions, but it has been dropping quickly.  Monitoring stream flows on your local watershed prior to making the trip is always a good idea. See the Stream Flows page on the blog for a list of streams with USGS data.

Recommended Flies: RTV Nymph Size 12-16, Frenchie’s Size 12-16, Walt’s Worm Size 12-14, Zebra Midge Size 18-20, Pink Eye Nymph Size 18,  Girdle Bug Stonefly Nymph Size 6-8, Tailwater Sowbug Size 16-18, Baetis Nymphs Size 18-20


Fishing Report:

I don’t want to say that spring has sprung, because I would hate for mother nature to prove me wrong. Although, the last couple weeks have certainly felt like spring days. The warm weather has lifted water temperatures which has increased the metabolism of the fish. Not only have the trout been active on the Little J, but the weather has been warm enough to wake up the smallmouth bass down on the main stem of the river. Little black stoneflies, blue winged olives, and midges have been spotted, but in terms of hatches the best is yet to come. I expect to see blue winged olives in larger numbers sometime in the next week or so. So far the fishing in March has been everything I could ask for, especially considering that last year at this time many of our streams still had ice on them. The fishing during the remainder of the early spring season should continue to improve. The extra water from the rain last weekend should help keep the fish happy. As the water drops back to average flows for this time of the year it will be a good opportunity to get time on the water. I myself try to spend as much time out in the early season as I can before the mass of anglers start to crowd the water again. Great weather and eager fish has certainly made this March a good month to be out.



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4 thoughts on “Pennsylvania Trout Fishing Report: March”

  1. Good report!

    Slate run had great numbers of roaming golden stoneflies this weekend as well as small BWO emergers.
    Lycoming creek, recently stocked (as well as pine creek at wolf’s fly shop) had a nice hatch of black stoneflies already. Cased caddis have been abundant and active, with many nearing the shoreline already.
    Stream levels and weather conditions have been terrific for streamer throwing and have been producing for myself and others here in North Central PA.

    Keep the reports coming!


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