Featured Fly: Pink Beaded Walt’s Worm

P3280028 Edited.jpg


Pink Beaded Walt’s Worm Material List:

Hook: Jig Hook Size 10-18
Bead: Anodized Pink Slotted Tungsten
Lead Wire: 4-8 wraps of .015
Thread: Veevus 14/0 B09 (brown)
Body: Hares Ear Dubbing


Many anglers are now familiar with the Walt’s Worm fly pattern tied by Walt Young of Altoona, Pennsylvania. This simple and effective pattern has continued to spread outside of the Central Pennsylvania area where it originated on Spring Creek. While spreading, there have also been many different variations of the Walts Worm pattern tied by many different tyers. It would be hard to say who first tied a Walt’s Worm with a pink bead, nor worth the effort. The Pink Beaded Walt’s Worm is a variation that I carry in my boxes at all times.

There are a variety of different colors of pink beads on the market today, I have found that Anodized Pink works best. Although, it wouldn’t hurt to experiment to see what works best on the water that you fish. The Pink Beaded Walt’s Worm seems to be most productive in cold or high water, but that’s not to say it wouldn’t work on any given day. I have found that this a hot or cold fly pattern. Meaning I either catch a lot of fish on it, or none at all. Give this simple and effective pattern a try on the trout in your local watershed. Tight wraps!


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