Featured Fly: Rock Worm Larva



Rock Worm Larva Material List:

Hook: Curved Scud Hook Size 10-16
Bead: Black Tungsten or Brass (Match bead size to hook size.)
Lead Wire: Match Diameter to Hook Wire Diameter
Thread: Black 6/0
Ribbing: 5x Monofilament Tippet
Backing: Thin Skin – Mottled Oak Olive
Body: Jack Mickievicz Masterblend XB Olive Dubbing
Optional Hot Spot: Sybai Super Fine UV Yellow Orange Dubbing

If there are trout located in the stream you are fishing, you can pretty much bet your lunch money that there are also caddis located in that stream. Due to the high prevalence of caddis in most trout streams, it is important to have caddis larvae imitations in your fly box. Rhyacophila, or Rock Worm, are a free living caddis larvae that can be readily available to trout because they do not live inside a casing. I like to tie this pattern with and without a Hot Spot. Hot Spots have there place, but there are also times that fishing more natural toned flies can be more successful. Play around with Hot Spots to see what works best for you in the streams that you fish. Tight wraps.

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