Pennsylvania Trout Fishing Report: July


Date: July 5th, 2016

Water Conditions: With water levels lower than they have been all year, it’s no secret that we are in dire need of rain. Warm summer weather creates the possibility of water temperatures rising to levels that are dangerous to trout and will turn the fishing off. It’s a good idea to carry a thermometer to check temperatures prior to fishing. Monitoring stream flow on your local watershed prior to making the trip is always a good idea. See the Stream Flows page on the blog for a list of streams with USGS data.

Recommended Flies: Trico Spinner Size 22-24, Ants Size 12-18, Beetles Size 14-18, Green Weenies Size 12-16, Flashback Pheasant Tail Size 18-22,  Zebra Midge Size 18-22, Tan Caddis Size 16, Cahill Size 10-14

Fishing Report:

Summer fishing conditions are in full effect due to warm weather, warm water temperatures, and very low water levels. Although fishing can be more technical this time of year, I always look forward to fishing Tricos and Terrestrials. The finesse skills required to fish size 22-24 Trico Spinners on 6x to trout in low clear water can be challenging but satisfying. It can also be a lot of fun to plop terrestrials such as ants and beetles to opportunistic trout looking for an easy meal.

This time of year it pays to get out of bed and get to the water early for what is usually the best fishing of the day. If your not a morning person then the hours around dusk would be the best alternative. On most streams, afternoons that consist of warm temperatures and bright sun are usually not worth being present for. If I wish to fish through the middle of the day this time of the year I usually give the trout a break and get after bass or carp.

Small flies, light tippet, and a slow approach are vital to successfully putting fish in the net this time of the year. Low, clear water requires casts to be on the money without casting the fly line over the target fish. Drag-free presentations are as important as ever as fish tend to become even more drift sensitive this time of year. Summer fishing conditions can be challenging, but rewarding. There are still plenty of good reasons to spend time on the water during the summer months.

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