Pennsylvania Trout Fishing Report: August



Date: August 29th, 2016

Water Conditions: The water on most of the streams in our area remains near average in terms of flow for this time of year. Scattered thunderstorms have provided little pushes of extra water, but the water recedes as quickly as it rises which has been keeping the stream low and clear on most days. The days have been getting shorter and cooler weather is starting to mix into the forecast more, which has pretty much eliminated the risk of warm water temperatures from the equation. Monitoring stream flow on your local watershed prior to making the trip is always a good idea. See the Stream Flows page on the blog for a list of streams with USGS data.

Recommended Flies: Trico Spinner Size 22-24, Ants Size 12-18, Beetles Size 14-18, Green Weenies Size 12-16, Flashback Pheasant Tail Size 18-22,  Zebra Midge Size 18-22, Tan Caddis Size 16-18, Isonychia Size 12

Fishing Report:

Given the technical conditions that have become the norm due to low and clear water over the last month, the fishing as of late has been progressively become a bit more productive. When the water conditions are low and clear like they have been, anglers must put a near perfect approach, cast, and drift into practice. Despite tough conditions, over the last week or so it seems as though the fish have been more eager to eat than earlier in the month. Now that we should be through the worst of summers heat, the fishing should continue to get better as days get shorter and weather cools. Maybe it’s my perpetual hope as a fly fisherman, but I’m hoping it won’t be long until crisp air and fall weather settles in. There seem to be more days with night time temperatures in the 50’s and day time temperatures in the 70’s mixing into the weather forecast, which will only help the fishing. Now that the risk of water reaching temperatures too high is waning, a serious rain event that leads to some extra water in our streams would really improve conditions. Sight fishing with dries and nymphs continues to be the best approach to putting fish in the net consistently. Streamers drifted, twitched, and jigged around structure such as logs and overhanging brush has also been a successful tactic in the right situations. These technical conditions are a true challenge that will force you learn more about the water you fish and increase your angling skillset.

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