Gear Review: Hatch Nipper

A smallmouth courtesy of the Juniata River while the Hatch Nipper hangs from a lanyard out of the way, but at the ready if needed.

I’ll be honest, I was very skeptical as to why a fly fisher would need a special pair of nippers. A good argument is that nippers do not put any more fish in the net for anglers. My counterargument is that neither do waders, vests, fly boxes, or many other pieces of equipment that us fly fishers like spending money on. Notice that I did say “us”, I’m guilty also.

At first I wasn’t sure if spending the money on a pair of high quality nippers was worth it. Despite the dismay of my dentist, prior nippers usually hung from my vest being ignored by the fact that I used my teeth to cut line far too often. I thought purchasing a pair of better nippers would be a good way to break the habit of using my teeth. I thought maybe spending the extra money would help force me to use my nippers instead of my teeth. I was right.

The Hatch Nipper in black.

Using a pair of Hatch Nippers has completely converted me from using my teeth, and any other pair of nippers for that matter. I’ve tried many other pairs of nippers over the years, I’ve never found a pair that cut with the ease and smoothness of the Hatch Nipper. They are razor sharp out of the box, and have remained that way through the duration of my guide season this year. The tungsten carbide blades are replaceable, but I haven’t even had to think about replacing them yet. I also like how the Hatch Nipper is shaped in a way that make them easy to use even if your hands are cold.

They come with a lanyard. I wasn’t sure why I would want a pair of nippers on a lanyard while wearing a vest, but I’ve grown found of the idea since. I think it’s much easier to make snips without being limited by a retractor. Some tools work great on retractors, but I do prefer having nippers on a lanyard now, maybe that’s just me.

Like most pairs of nippers they come equipped with a needle to be used for poking out the eye of a hook. The needle is positioned in a way that is a bit different to use than most nippers. I’m sure that it’s a bad thing, but it took some getting used to.

I really couldn’t imagine a better way to cut line than with the Hatch Nipper. I would recommend the Hatch Nipper to any angler looking for high quality nippers, or to quit using your teeth. Your dentist will be happy.

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For more information on the Hatch Nipper, visit their website by clicking HERE.


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