Pennsylvania Trout Fishing Report: September

P9100035-1.jpgDate: September 19th, 2016

Water Conditions: On many of the streams in our area the water is as low, or lower, than it has been all year. The lack of rain over the last several months has also left our water very clear. These water conditions are not the easiest to fish, and there is no doubt the fishing would improve if we receive the rain we need. As the weather continues cooling and days shorten there is no need to worry about high water temperatures on our streams. Monitoring stream flow on your local watershed prior to making the trip is always a good idea. See the Stream Flows page on the blog for a list of streams with USGS data.

Recommended Flies: Isonychia Size 12-14, Blue Winged Olive Size 20-24,  Trico Spinner Size 22-24, Ants Size 12-18, Beetles Size 14-18, Green Weenies Size 12-16, Flashback Pheasant Tail Size 18-22,  Zebra Midge Size 18-22, Tan Caddis Size 18-20, October Caddis Size 10-12

Fishing Report:

The fish have been a little more eager to eat as the weather cools and days shorten. There have been more days in the forecast that the crisp air reminds us that fall is fast approaching. Despite the turning weather making the fish more active, the water conditions remain very low and clear from the lack of rain which has made the fishing technical. We will need a large amount of rain to improve water conditions, but until then taking advantage of the beautiful weather with a day on the water has been more than worth the effort.

Focusing on deep, fast moving water has been key to finding the most fish on streams that are much lower than average. Fishing streamers around structure such as logs or overhanging brush has started to worked well for putting large fish in the net. Although, using a slow upstream approach while sight fishing with dries and nymphs has been the most consistent technique. Eliminating bead heads and avoiding large, brightly colored indicators  while nymphing will help disturb less fish in low, clear water. Small Blue Winged Olives, Caddis, and Isonychia have offered some visually appealing dry fly fishing in the low, clear water.

It’s getting to be one of my favorite times of the year as football and hunting season seem to keep many anglers from frequenting the water. It has amazed me how fast this year has been passing by, before you know it fall foliage will be in full effect!

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