Gear Review: Orvis Superstrong Plus Nylon Tippet


After 8 month of fishing through well over 2500 meters of the Orvis Superstrong Plus Tippet, I think it’s safe to share my thoughts.

I switched over to Superstrong Plus at the beginning of last spring when the era of the original Superstrong came to an end. In the past I’ve always used the original Superstrong, so when the new formula was introduced I was excited, but also a little reluctant. I guess you could say I’m not always quick to welcome unexpected change.

Orvis made it aware that the Superstrong Plus has increased wet knot strength. I’m not really sure how they quantified or defined “wet” knot strength, all I know is whether something seems stronger while I’m fishing. To be quite honest, I really did not have any major issues with the strength of the original Superstrong. Although I will admit, the Superstrong Plus does seem to have improved knot strength. This is a nice feature because if you find yourself in a situation where you need a tow strap, just pull out a piece of 1x tippet. But in all seriousness, I’ve noticed less break offs while fishing with the Superstrong Plus. I’m convinced it’s stronger.

At first, my worry with the Superstrong Plus was what would be sacrificed to achieve increased knot strength. One thing that I really liked about the original Superstrong was it’s suppleness. The Superstrong Plus is more abrasive resistant, stronger, and therefore not as supple as the Superstrong. However, I do not experience a noticeable difference between the two while fishing subsurface. The only situation that could differentiate the suppleness between the two formulas might be while dry fly fishing. However, the Superstrong Plus is stronger than the original so switching to a smaller diameter could achieve a similar suppleness.

Two issues that I did have with the original Superstrong were that it didn’t always knot together smoothly, and it seemed to tangle extra on rainy days. Both of these issues were resolved, and have not been a problem with the Superstrong Plus.

Another feature that I have come to love about the Superstrong Plus is the line cutter conveniently located on the tippet spool. It’s genius, the cutter is easy and efficient to use. No more using your teeth to cut a new piece of tippet off the spool.

After fishing Superstrong Plus for nearly a year, I believe that it is an improved product from the orginal Superstrong. Superstrong Plus is strong, like don’t worry as much about breaking off the fish of a lifetime strong. When compared to other tippet options available in today’s market, I put my trust in Superstrong Plus. I feel confident that you would also.

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