“Plan B”

Weather last week steered us away from an Erie Steelhead trip that would have been a lot of fun. Unwilling to give up on a weekend of fishing, as Jake put it we were forced into “Plan B” mode. We decided to set our sights on staying in Central Pennsylvania to fish. And yes, when Central Pennsylvania is “Plan B” we are spoiled anglers.

We have a great group of fishing friends that have all met through mutual connections, or crossed similar paths at some point. It’s sort of like an extended fishing family, and pretty much every one is also a fly fishing guide. So as far as last weekend’s trip, we didn’t really care where we fished as long as we didn’t have to cancel the trip. We may have settled for a goldfish in mud puddle…close to a cheap hotel…within walking distance to a bar…I think you get the idea.

The weather was cold, it was a weekend full of snow, but the fish around home treated us pretty well. As I said before, it’s really hard to go wrong in Central Pennsylvania.

We fished relatively small sections of water, ate a streamside lunch, and then re-fished the same small sections of water. It was like a “you fish this run, I’ll fish that one”, and then a “okay lets switch” type of thing. What I thought was really interesting about the day was how different each of our approaches, tactics, and fly selections were on the same sections of water. At the end of day, there were fish caught on everything from Glo Bug Eggs to Mini Sculpin Streamers. These flies were fished with tight line nymphing methods, under an indicator, or stripped. There were a variety of rods used, anything from a 10.5ft 3wt to a 9ft 6wt.

The take home message is however you choose to fish, do it well. On any day there could be a variety of techniques that may work, so it’s beneficial to be more than just a “one trick pony”. Different fish and water types are best suited with different tactics. A great angler has the ability to recognize individual situations and choose an approach accordingly.

To Jake, Rob, Andy, and Austen it’s always a pleasure fishing with you guys. To anyone that hasn’t read Jake’s blog All Things Fly Fishing, check it out for some great fly patterns and fish mojo. Below are some pictures from our “Plan B” trip.

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