New Product Spotlight: Orvis Helios 2 One-Piece 8’10” 5wt

Orvis recently introduced several new models (5wt, 6wt, & 7wt) to the Orvis Helios 2 One-Piece lineup. Intrigued at the thought of a 8’10” 5wt One-Piece Helios 2, so I decided to add one to my rod quiver for 2017. After spending some time with this rod, I wanted to share my initial thoughts. I have a feeling these new lower weight models of the Helios 2 One-Piece will be well received.

Growing up in the era where four piece or two piece rods are the norm, I had previously never casted a one-piece 5wt rod. While casting I could instantly tell that this Helios 2 One-Piece 8’10” 5wt was much smoother than other four or two piece models. There really is a noticeable difference in how much smoother the energy transfers through a one-piece rod without ferrules.

Being that this 8’10” rod is two inches shorter than a standard 9ft 5wt, it does recover faster and cast a little quicker. The one-piece design feels very easy to cast due to a smoother action that feels a little more progressive than the four or two piece Helios 2 models.

Initially I think that this rod will be great for fishing dry flies, or out of a boat. I’m sure it will more than handle nymph rigs, but it does feel a little more delicate than I expected for a 5wt. Only time will tell.

The one piece design will not likely match well with anglers that travel by air, but I do not think that it will be too cumbersome for normal day to day fishing. Only time will tell for that as well.

I plan to do a full gear review after I’ve had the chance to put the Orvis Helios 2 One-Piece 8’10” 5wt through the paces. Go cast one, I think you’ll enjoy it.

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