A Couple of Float Trips & the Streamer Ultimatum

On our float trips the last couple of days we served the trout a Streamer Ultimatum.

As Austen was rowing the boat two days ago he said, “We could probably catch a bunch of fish in that riffle if we stopped to fish it with nymphs.” I paused between casts to look down on the section of water he was talking about. It was a slower rolling mid-depth run that we have both caught our fair share of fish in over years. I turned to reply, “Yeah, you’re probably right.” Then I laughed, and slung another cast to the bank with a nasty articulated streamer on a sink tip line. “But, what’s the point?”, I said. He was on the same page.

We had already given the trout a Streamer Ultimatum. They were either going to eat a streamer, or we weren’t going to catch them. We didn’t really care if it was the most productive technique. Catching fish on streamers was what we wanted, and that past couple of days we were fishing for us. Not for them.

As guides and former competitors on the US youth fly fishing team, Austen and I are well aquatinted with playing the “catch as many fish as you can game”. The last couple of days were strictly “joy fishing”.

I’m stuck in a rut right now where I really only want to catch fish on streamers. It doesn’t matter if conditions are ideally suited to streamer fishing, or not. I’ll fish a streamer all day to experience that one good eat, from what’s usually a solid fish. It’s an addiction, or sickness. I’ll admit it’s kind of a dark place to be stuck in, I love it though.

This is one of the many things that I really love about fly fishing. You really can make it what you want it to be. Fish however you have the most fun. And tomorrow if fishing a different way seems fun, do that too.

At the end of the day we considered our efforts a success. We found a fair number of trout willing to meet the terms of the Streamer Ultimatum. Beware, this streamer thing is contagious.

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