Fly Tying: Anodized Pink Beads

In years past, the color choices available when selecting a bead for tying a bead head nymph were more limited to gold, black, copper, and silver. In today’s world of fly tying, there are an endless number of choices and options a fly tyer must sort through. Selecting a color for a bead is no different as there are many options available such as Pinks, Oranges, Greens, Red, Brown, Olive, Blue, Chartreuse, White, Rainbow, etc.

Gold, black, copper, and silver are four standard colors that I will always have well stocked and ready for use. I think an angler could probably get by most times without expanding any further, however, part of the thrill of tying flies is playing with new products and materials. When experimenting with different colors of beads, Anodized Pink became a “fifth” standard color of mine.

I mostly turn to Anodized Pink bead head nymphs when streams are at normal flows, or if the water temperature is slightly cooler than normal (e.g. winter, early spring). However, just because Anodized Pink has performed the best in these conditions, it should not be limited to only them. I find that a fly tied with an Anodized Pink bead is usually either very hot or very cold. Meaning it’s a fly that I either seem to catch a whole bunch of fish on, or none at all.

Here are a couple styles of flies tied with Anodized Pink beads that I have done well with:

Anodized Pink Bead on a Walt’s Worm #14. For a previous post on this fly, see here- Featured Fly: Pink Beaded Walt’s Worm.
Anodized Pink Bead Pheasant Tail #14.
Anodized Pink Bead on a Pheasant Tail #14.

Flies with Anodized Pink Beads are a great addition to any fly box. Give them a try, tight wraps!

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