Spontaneous Steelhead Alley Trip x2

Last Monday after spending a day on the water trout fishing, Joe asked me if I wanted to go to Erie to fish for Steelhead. “When are you leaving?”, I said. Joe replied, “Right now.” So we got in the car and left.

The way that I see it, time spent on the water in Erie for Steelhead in January is always a bonus. It’s not uncommon for the tribs in Steelhead Alley to ice over during these cold winter months. Warm weather, snow melt, and buckets of rain opened up the streams again last week. We were hoping it also brought in a fresh run of fish.

Fortunately we were rewarded for our spur of the moment road trip with a handful of fresh steelhead each. We ate lunch and drank a couple beers at the Freeport Restaurant located along 16 mile. It’s debatable that alone was worth the car ride. With a full belly and a satisfied Steelhead itch, we departed back to trout territory.

As we were leaving the water was again rising rapidly from a hard rain we endured while fishing. When we made it about halfway home, my phone rang. Billy, another fishing friend, was calling. I answered. “Do you want to go to Erie to Steelhead fish tomorrow?”, he said. I replied, “I’m actually on my home from there right now.” He said, “I didn’t ask what you were doing now, I asked if you wanted to go to Erie to Steelhead fish tomorrow.”  I got home that evening, slept for awhile, and then Billy picked me up and back to Erie for two more days of Stealhead fishing we went.

Being a guide, this time of the year is when I have some free time. I figure when you’re young and do not have responsibilities to get in the way of spontaneous fishing trips, go fish. Life will probably get in the way of fishing sometime in the future. I plan to fish as much as I can before my life gets a little more miserable.

When me and Billy landed in Erie, the major streams were all still blown out from the rising water the day before. We found a very small creek that I had often thought might be a good alternative on blow out days. Within 15 minutes after stringing up the rod with zero expectations, I landed the nice buck in the picture above.

Rewards of being in the right place at the right time. Over the years I’ve learned that being on the water is always the right place to be. If you can, be spontaneous. Go fish.

And yes, from what I saw last week and what I have been hearing this week, the Steelhead fishing has been solid.

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2 thoughts on “Spontaneous Steelhead Alley Trip x2”

  1. Fished the blue line below Spectacle Gap Road Wed PM for a couple hrs. Landed 16 brookies 4″-9″ in length mostly on a red collar PT.


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