A Snow Day & Streamers

Fly fishing has the ability to make life as simple as it should be. A few days ago, our biggest concern was navigating through the 4-6 inches of snow to get to the water. After we were floating down the river in the boat, life was simple. A beautiful kind of simple. We were fly fishing, and that was it.

A box of streamers, a couple of sandwiches, and a cooler with beer. To hell with the rest of the world and all of it’s bad news. We decided that were going to have a day perfectly balanced with IPA and trout chasing streamers. If you follow along with this blog, it’s no secret that I love winter fishing. A snow day and streamers is a combination at the top of my list.

Maybe this, or maybe that. What I do know, is that I have experienced a fair share of good fishing on snowy days. Yesterday was no different, we committed to the streamer game and fortunately so did the fish.

Austen ties a wicked good streamer that we have both caught a lot of solid browns on. I’ve been calling it a Double Decker. It’s not mine to disclose, but I’m sure you will hear about this fly again. A fly that you have full confidence will produce can be a blessing while covering water, since it’s usually just one or two casts in each spot. Thanks again for the sweet tie brother.

I properly baptized a fresh 7ft 11inch 8wt Orvis Recon fly rod with two solid PA wild browns. This rod was purchased as a backup boat streamer rod. Initially I’m impressed, but I’ll post a full gear review after it’s put through the test.

Yesterday was the most productive trip we have had in awhile. It was a good day to have as our last float before trekking down south to the promised land. Stay tuned.

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