Fly Fishing Trips: No Expectations

A surefire way to be disappointed while returning from a fly fishing trip is to set prior expectations. Whether it’s a day trip to my local water or a destination trip 1,000 miles away, I never set expectations for results. When it comes to fly fishing, there are too many dynamic variables working together to ever expect a certain result. There are almost always surprises to fly fishing, and that’s sorta the whole point.

Think about this with me: There’s a particular destination notorious for producing large fish. You decide you want to go there so you throw darts at the calendar and pick 4 days out of a year to go fish. Large fish are smart, and every watershed has it’s own little intricacies. You venture to this sought after fishing location where you have no prior experience, and try to fool a large fish on his own turf. To me, this sounds like an uphill battle. Most times things are not going to work out as planned, but sometimes they do. That’s also sorta the point of fly fishing.

When I step into the water, I don’t enter it expecting to catch a certain number or size. I simply try to fish to the best of my ability and make the right decisions based on prior knowledge and past experience. On a fishing trip the only thing I do plan on for certain is gain a new experience, have a good time, and learn new things that will benefit me in the future. Don’t set size or number expectations on fly fishing trips, most times you will be disappointed. And that’s not the point of fly fishing trips.

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