Featured Fly: UV Braider PT (Pheasant Tail)

UVB PT tied on #14 Fulling Mill Jig Force.
UV Braider PT tied on #14 Fulling Mill Jig Force.

UV Braider PT Material List:

Hook: Fulling Mill Jig Force #14 (A jig or nymph hook of your preference would work.)
Bead: Silver Slotted Tungsten 7/64 (Match bead size to hook size.)
Lead Wire: 6 wraps of 0.15 (Match wire diameter to hook wire diameter.)
Thread: Veevus Brown 14/0
Tail: Coq de Leon
Ribbing: UTC Small Silver Wire
Body: Natural Pheasant Tail Fibers (Pictured is a clump of 4 fibers.)
Wingcase: Sybai Pearl Braidback 2.5mm – Dark Ultraviolet
Thorax: Wapsi SLF Squirrel Dubbing Dark Brown

As I state before I introduce any pheasant tail variation…

Pheasant tail variations are not new. Many fish have been caught on flies much like this one. This pheasant tail variation is really nothing special, but that’s exactly why it’s special. It’s a simple & effective fly that I have developed a lot of confidence in. If you took a glance at my fly boxes, it would not take you very long to realize that I carry a large number of pheasant tail variations. Is it really necessary to have so many similarly tied flies with just little discrepancies? Maybe not, but there are times that I feel they all have their place.

A lot of fly patterns and variations are a result of acquiring new materials. I stumbled upon Sybai Dark Ultraviolet Pearl Braidback in Kevin’s Performance Flies Shop in Spruce Creek. I thought a silver bead and silver wire rib would suite the color of the the Dark UV Braidback on a pheasant tail variation. During 2016 the UV Braider PT accounted for many trout in the net, and earned a permanent spot in my nymph boxes.

Orange is a favorite "hot spot" color of mine. Sybai Pearl Braidback is available in a variety of colors such as Orange.
Orange is a favorite “hot spot” color of mine. Sybai Pearl Braidback is available in a variety of colors such as Orange, Green, Brown, Light Pink, etc .

Is it just a flashback pheasant tail with different material? Sure, but I think Sybai Pearl Braidback holds a slighty different appeal to the trout. One characteristic of the Sybai Pearl Braidback that I feel is unique is how translucent it appears after being coated with Loon UV Flow. What I love about simple little variations like the UV Braider PT is this fly could work any given day on any water. It’s a simple, effective fly that is a bit differentiated from typical pheasant tail patterns. Tight wraps!

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