Featured Articles

BLUE LINES & BROOK TROUT– The story of how it all started for me as a fly fisherman.

TROUT TACTICS FOR LOW WATER – Learn 6 tips that will drastically increase the number of fish caught in low, clear water conditions.

TROUT TACTICS FOR HIGH WATER-High, off-color water from rain events can produce some of the best fishing conditions, especially for targeting trophy trout.

LEARNING FROM EXPERIENCE– Read about fishing experience revealed in a new light.

ANGLING EXPLORATION – Do you take advantage of exploring new water?

UNLIMITED STRIKES – Unlike baseball, as anglers we have an unlimited amount of strikes.

KICKER FISH – Whether your a competitive angler, guide, or just out catching fish for a good time, catching the kicker fish make a significant difference in a day of fishing.

ONE LESS SPLIT-SHOT – The difference between a good angler and a great angler is often one more piece of split-shot, but could it also be one less?

CAMARADERIE IN COMPETITIVE ANGLING – The number one reason any angler should engage in competitive fly fishing.


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