Gear Review: Hatch Finatic Fly Reels


Last fall I took a large stride into the Hatch Finatic Fly Reel lineup by adding a 4plus, 5plus, and 7 plus reel to my arsenal. I have used these reels to target trout, smallmouth bass, and steelhead. After spending seven months on the water with the trio, here are some of my thoughts.

The Finatic is offered in a wide range of sizes that cover line weights from 0 all the way up to 12. If you fish a Finatic it is pretty easy to find a reel perfect for any rod due to the option of nine different sizes. Sizes 3plus and larger all have the option of both mid or large arbor spools, which allows even more flexibility.

The most impressive aspect of the Hatch Finatic Fly Reels would be that they are just plain tough. Like fish in any condition, day after day, never stop working tough. In addition, the drag is strong. Like slam the brakes on any fish strong.

In my opinion, the Finatic is one of the most cosmetically appealing reels on the market. In other words, the design is sharp. It looks the way you would want your fly reel to look. 

The Finatic Fly Reels are not what I consider to be light weight fly reels. They are slightly heavier than other reels that I have fished of the same size. Situationally I see this as an advantage. For example, it is easier to properly balance these reels with ten foot fly rods. The extra weight also reinforces the fact that the Hatch Finatic Fly Reels are built to last. 

Overall, the Hatch Finatic Fly Reels are cosmetically appealing, tough, and dependable. I think that there is a Finatic available to suite the specific needs for any type of angler.

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